About us

North American High-Tech Center (NAHTC), headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, is a platform for regional exchange and cooperation between US and China in areas of incubation, investment, education and export. With the support of many local, regional and national governments around the world, NAHTC not only provides a beachhead for US business and educational entities to enter into the booming China market in a fast, safe and cost-effective way, but also helps Chinese companies invest and grow in North America. NAHTC has operating offices and incubators throughout the Greater Shanghai region in China and is managed by executives who each have decades of experience in practicing international business and assisting companies to go global. [more about Team...]

What we do

Entering new markets – especially complex, rapidly changing and culturally different markets – such as Greater China, can pose many challenges and, sometimes, unexpected hurdles. Whether a company plans to set up a small sales office, export products, launch a full- scale operating entity, conduct technology development, research or run clinical trials, it will need professional support to navigate through the complexity of operating successfully in a different culture and country in order to enter fast-growing new markets efficiently, safely and successfully.

North American High-Tech Center (NAHTC) was established to provide a one–stop platform to assist North-American companies in successfully entering the rapidly growing markets of Greater China. NAHTC benefits from high-level Chinese Government relationships and support, which provides us access to a wide range of Chinese governmental organizations, industries, import/export companies, universities and investment firms. As such we can offer a complete suite of services, covering the breadth of a business needs – from legal entity formation to hiring employees, setting up an office to running payroll.

NAHTC is a bilateral platform, our team in North America has rich experience of managing and growing enterprises and excellent government relationship. NAHTC is able to access many incubators in US. Recent years, NAHTC has been experiencing growing demands from Chinese enterprises to invest and operate in the North American market. We are assisting more and more Chinese enterprises in their globalization efforts in US.

While organizations of any size should find NAHTC a cost effective partner, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will especially benefit from receiving a level of support that they otherwise would find difficult to access and afford, if attempting to enter the global markets on their own. [more about Company...]